Harley 883 For Sale – Things To Consider

When it comes to wanting a Harley Davidson motorcycle the main reason many people do not end up buying one is simply that they cost too much. However one route you go down in order to own such an iconic motorcycle is by buying a used one. In this article we take a look at certain factors which should be taken into consideration when you see a Harley 883 for sale.

1. Before you actually hand over any of your hard earned cash to the seller, spend time carefully checking over the condition of the bike. If considering buying through an online auction site get the seller to send you plenty of pictures showing you the bike from various angles. Also when you visit the bike check it over to see if there are any major dents or scratches on the machine.

It is important before you start haggling over the price over the Harley 883 you get the seller to start its engine up. Plus arrange that you can take it for a test ride as this will provide you with a better opportunity to hear how the engine sounds and also if there is any problems relating to the gearing etc.

2. Another important thing you should ask the seller for is details of the motorcycles history. So if they can produce a log and service book for the machine with all the relevant stamps this is ideal. But if they can not then walk away without a second thought.

In most cases where a seller is able to show proof of the bikes history it means that it has been lovingly and well cared for. Which means that you are likely to have very few although may be a few minor problems with the bike in the future.

3. Before you actually go and see the seller or place a bid on a used Harley 883 on an online auction site carry out as much research as possible before hand. Take time comparing the costs of buying a new one over the costs of buying either older or newer second hand ones. In many cases you may well find that you are then in a much stronger position of being able to negotiate a much more realistic price for the bike you wish to buy.

As well as comparing bikes that are manufactured in the same year as the one you wish to buy. You should also spend time comparing newer and older models that are of the same condition or have the same amount of mileage on the clock. All these can seriously affect the price that you could end up paying for the Harley Davidson 883 that you wish to buy.

If you keep the above in mind when it comes to thinking about buying a Harley 883 for sale that you have seen you may well end up finding yourself saving money. Simply because you are actually able to negotiate the seller down to a price that is more reasonable, rather than what they think it should be sold for.

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