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Many people who want to invest their money in a camper van lack information about what the facilities of such a recreational vehicle could contain. Let’s start by mentioning that the looks of a camper van very much depend on your budget. Styling is often superficial and not directly related to how the camper van can serve your needs. There are standard facilities included by the manufacturer in the original design, but there are also additional options you may choose from, and that can boost the price up quite a lot.

Several factors should also be taken into consideration, like your current family size and what it may become in the future, as well as the kind of trips you plan to take, the insurance and so on. It also depends on whether you buy a new vehicle or a second hand camper van.

My intention is to show you some of the available options for new camper vans, which will equally enable you to know what to expect from a well-kept second hand one. Whether you choose minimum conversion models or completely self-contained, keep in mind that you can always improve something later, should it be the case.

Camper vans are designed to maximize the available space within the vehicles footprint. Obviously, larger vans will mostly result in more space. Deciding how much space you require is a personal choice that you have to make. One thing to note is that you will generally have less space when the camper is set up for bedtime. It is often in the daytime that you will require the most space for ease of movement. Space costs, so try and find a balance that suits your budget.

After deciding on the space required during the day and night, there are a few other options you may wish to consider. In the kitchen and living areas you could have a microwave, an oven, gas rings, an air con unit or even a widescreen television complete with sound system. This is where you could really blow your budget and I guess comes down to how much of your time you intend to stay in the van. The upholstery and furnishings can all be upgraded or even customized to your exact specification. One thing that is becoming more popular is the use of solar panels to drive some of the campers electricals.

A comfortable drivers seat is a must for those long journeys and many prefer the feel of a quality leather seat. Storage is at a premium on most campers and that is why you will find many extra storage options. Some of the larger ones even have a cooler for drinks with drain holes in case of spillage. Some vans offer small compartments in the floor that are ideal for smaller item storage.

Campers with simple designs and minimalistic decorations not only make the van interior look more spacious, but can also be very stylish and elegant. Some extras you may wish to consider are flushing toilets and a functional shower. However, as always remember that for all such improvements it is best to keep as much space available for interior movement, so that your extras do not impede on your comfort levels.

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