Buying a Class A Motorhome

by Keith Windlor

If you are looking into buying a class A motorhome, it is important that you understand the different options available. The types of recreational vehicles are categorized as Class A, B, and C depending on the size and structure of the vehicle. Using the simplest description as possible, Class A motorhomes are the most spacious, the most luxurious, and definitely the priciest. Class B’s are basically a tricked out van with a higher roof. And your Class C is a scaled down version of the Class A with a few other exceptions, namely the cab-over style and shorter length.

A Class A motorhome can be found with the following types of chassis:

? a commercial bus chassis

The chassis of a commercial van

A custom chassis made for a recreational vehicle.

The average Class A motorhome is about 25 to 45 feet long. It is the most spacious RV and any normal motorhome will come complete with a bed and a place to cook and eat. You should also get a place to keep any luggage.

Class A’s have gotten even more luxurious in recent years in that some come equipped with satellite TV, full refrigerators, and even what is called a master bedroom. They even have been known to come with full bath facilities as well. Awnings, internet access, and multiple slide-outs are becoming quite common, also.

You can get a basic Class A motorhome for about $50,000, and there is truly no limit to where the price can go. The best motorhomes will set you back anywhere from $100,000 to $600,000. In the year 2006, a designer for luxury coaches planned a motorhome that had plush carpet and furniture, a built-in treadmill, and a marble flooring. It hit the 2.5 million dollar mark. If your budget isn’t quite so high, you can get a very nice RV for $100,000.

On a side note, Bus Conversions are oftentimes considered as a Class A motorhome. They are what their name implies, a commercial bus that has been converted into a motorhome. They are typically the largest of the motorhomes and usually come with highly customized and very luxurious interiors.

In a Class A, you will have plenty of living area, which can be further expanded if you choose to get slide-outs. You can easily let 5 ? 6 people sleep in this type of RV. You will likely have a great kitchen and bathroom. You can even choose from one of the many floorplans; there is one for every taste.

You may have heard Class A motorhomes referred to as motorcoaches. Along with the other luxuries, they can come with washers, dryers, normal-sized stoves, and microwaves. You can have the RV customized with fine wood floors and cabinets, choose your own carpet and tiling, and include upholstered furniture.

If you will want your RV capable of towing your car or boat, you should buy a Class A motorhome. You will certainly agree with the common name for this type of motorhome: a home on wheels.

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