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Camper vans have many optional extras and facilities and most first time buyers or hirers, do not have all the information to make an informed choice over which van to choose. A lot of people will be taken in by the styling of a camper and will pay little attention to the actual facilities. Most campers have basic facilities as standard, enough to just about cover a few nights away. Optional extras can though, make a big difference to your comfort levels.

When choosing a RV to rent or buy, its a good idea to consider the size of the camper or motorhome with regards to the size of your family. Young children take up a lot less space than a few teenagers. Size is just one of several factors to take into account as well as whether you wish to hire or purchase a relatively new or used vehicle.

I would like to mention a few of the available optional extras that you may like to consider with a new or even used RV. No matter what you decide now, you can always add extras as you find the need, but it will probably cost you more. Take some time to pick out the right ones now and you can start out with the maximum comfort.

Most camper vans usually have up to eight seats, but only four beds. There is usually one large double bed together with two or three single ones for children. However, before buying any camper van, take a careful look at all the available designs and see which ones are large enough for your needs. Also try to strike an even balance between quality and price. You do get what you pay for, but there are many bargains to be found in both the new and the second hand market.

The living area, including the kitchen are where you will find the most optional extras. As this is the main family working and resting area, comfort and ease of use are prime considerations. Everything from televisions, to microwaves, air conditioning, cookers and expensive music sound systems can be installed customized to your exact needs. Seating areas can be covered in fabric or luxurious leather, floors can be carpeted or tiled. You can even opt for solar panels to save on battery power. Sticking to your budget in the living areas will probably be the hardest of all, just think about how much of your time will be spent in the van.

A high quality comfortable leather drivers seat is desirable for those long road trips. In truth most campers have comfortable driver seats, but if you intend to buy one, leather will offer you the most durability. You can never have enough storage and optional extra storage compartments are well worth the added investment. Some storage compartments come with liquid coolers and some are even built into the floor.

Quite often simple looking designs, with as little decorations as possible not only make the camper van interior look roomy, but can also be very stylish and elegant. Some more facilities you may want to include are electric flush toilets and even a built in shower. However, as always remember the guiding principles for all such improvements is to keep it space efficient, comfortable and functional. The last thing you want to do is to fill up your camper van with so many extras, that there’s little room left for comfort.

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