The Benefits of a Class C Motorhome

Because the Class C motorhome is basically a more petite replica of the Class A vehicle, it is regularly referred to as a mini-motorhome. There are a few differences besides size which we will discuss later. The Class C motorhome can give you much of the comfort of a Class A but at greatly reduced cost.

The driver’s area of a Class C is more like that of a standard automobile, truck, or van. In fact, the majority of the Class C’s on the market are built on a cutaway chassis with driver and passenger side doors.

Class C motorhomes are also characterized by their cab-over design which is normally a sleeping area or compartment. Since there is a bit of agility involved in getting to the bed in this compartment, it is not always the most popular of RV styles. Another benefit with the Class C is that automotive parts are fairly standard and usually available at both automotive parts houses and dealerships nationwide.

Sizes range from 20 to 35 feet with the more popular models in the 30 foot range. Since Class C’s are constructed now on a more higher rated chassis, some manufacturers are offering floor plans similar to those offered by Class A manufacturers in which full-size beds are built in to coincide with the cab-overs. Prices range between $45,000 and $100,000 with the average around $68,000.

The Class C motorhome has become more popular in the current market, which has caused the luxury and amenities to increase. Even though a Class C motorhome is smaller than a Class A, you can still get the same kind of quality.

A bigger, more complete kitchen and a full bath area are just a few of the advances, with these areas becoming more like that found in a Class A. The current models being sold have bed areas that can accommodate between 2 and 6 people.

Class C’s are now being constructed with two different applications in mind. On the one hand they are ideal for the long weekend for a smaller family (up to four people). On the other hand, they are ideal for just the couple that wants to take a longer trip and not give up the feeling of being at home.

Even though you may not get the same amount of fancy furnishings and the same large living area as you would with a Class A, the smaller C can offer you several major bonuses. Although the purchase price is the most obvious of these benefits, the gas mileage should be acknowledged as well, especially since gas is almost $4 for each gallon.

The Class C motorhome can be easily parked in small areas, and it offers a more limber maneuverability than other, larger options. You can also get a price break on the registration fees and insurance costs.

But just remember a couple of things about motorhomes in general regardless of what size you are thinking about purchasing. First of all, there’s no point in buying an RV if you’re not going to use it on a regular basis. Secondly, make sure it is something that you can afford; otherwise it could be a decision that you will regret for a lot of years.

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