Why Use an RV Wholesaler?

by Keith Windlor

Wholesale. The word calls to mind many ideas. We often use it to indicate goods purchased for institutions, industries, retail sales, commercial sales, or businesses.

A wholesaler provides goods that are pulled together, ranked, and put into bulk lots (large amounts) at a manufacturer’s place. These items will be broken down into smaller lots that will then be sent out to the types of buyers we talked about earlier. You can also use wholesale to indicate a person who is a middleman or broker to get goods for these entities.

One of the most common myths is that wholesale means lower prices through a discount. This is not always true. While prices are usually lower when the items are sold to the retailer than when they are sold to the regular buyer, the idea of discounting implies that the price was lowered from its selling price at the point of purchase at retail value. An RV wholesaler operates a little differently.

The RV wholesaler is supposed to buy the merchandise for a retailer, and do it in a manner that will let the retailer pass on to the buyer a better price. Of course, every RV wholesaler has a different range of prices.

RV wholesalers are also in business to make sure you get the right RV for your requirements. In Tucson, AZ, the RV wholesale business of Pedata RV offers some of the best in the business. They will even help you design the RV just how you want it to appear, all while keeping you within the budget and goals you originally set. Even if you’re nowhere near Tucson, you can shop at Pedata’s online site.

Buying from an RV wholesaler gives the consumer a larger assortment of RV’s to choose from as well as the ability to save them thousands of dollars on the purchase of the vehicle. Pedata RV’s motto of “Don’t make a $10,000 mistake” is a testimony to the savings that the consumer can be afforded by shopping at this dealership.

Usually, you can save due to the fact that an RV wholesaler will not add cost to the vehicle in order to raise their own profit. This is a common practice at standard dealerships.

By dealing with an RV wholesaler, you will also avoid all the arguing about price, because the price will already be as low as you can reasonably expect. Pedate RV will show you the motorhome’s actual MSRP as well as the amount for which they are willing to sell it to you.

Depending on what model you’re shopping for, you could save as much as $10,000, and not be making a $10,000 mistake by purchasing your RV at a different dealership.

An RV wholesaler can also help you out when it comes time to finance your purchase. Many lenders offer certain plans for people buying an RV. A good RV wholesaler will help you find these lending businesses so you can get a financing package that will work for you. A loan that was made to help with purchasing an RV will often give you much better terms than you could get at your local credit union or bank.

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