Champions of resale value

Seeking to sell your automobile for top dollar? Ideally you went Japanese. According to the 2013 Kelley Blue Book Best Resale Price awards, Japan has it all over U.S. models.

Nine of 10 best resale value spots are foreign

According to an independent study by ALG, a TrueCar business, the Chrysler Jeep Wrangler is pretty good. That is why it was the only United States entry in the top 10 2013 model year automobile listed by Kelley Blue Book. There were some Ford models that came after the top 10 though. All other spots in the top 10 went to foreign car manufacturers.

“I think Toyota and Honda were fairly dominant just about every year,” said Kelley Blue Book Director of Residual Consulting, Eric Ibara. “The domestics have made very good improvements, so they may not be at the top of the segments, but they’re no longer so far behind.”

Percentage of vehicles base price

The KBB survey projects automobile resale price as a percentage of the vehicle’s base price after 60 months. Supply and demand are also factored into the final number. Curiously, the most options and add-on packages didn’t contribute significantly to resale price in the competition, noted a Kelley Blue Book representative. The only exception to this was if the choice was a high-performance engine or related sports car performance package.

How Japanese car makers fared

The Honda Fit, Civic, Civic Si and Accord all did really well as Honda Motor Co. won in the subcompact, compact, sport compact and mid-sized categories. The name came up often in the KBB report for this reason.

Toyota was not too far behind Honda in the KBB report, with best resale value in categories like full-sized (Avalon), mid-sized pickup (Tacoma) and van/minivan (Sienna), among others.

Taking a look at resale in one country

The Chrysler brand varied from 33.7 percent for Fiat to 44.3 percent for Jeep. The Jeep Wrangler won best resale value among compact SUV crossovers while GM and Ford also won categories in the KBB report.

Ford only had a 2.5 percent increase for all of its automobiles, but it had an 11 percent increase in residual value for the Ford Fusion. The car also won best resale price for hybrids and green automobiles.

At General Motors, there were many wins. The Camaro V6 and Camaro SS won different categories. Chevy won the best resale price for EVs with the Volt. The values at GM ranged from 33.1 percent at Buick to 37 percent at Chevrolet.

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