Defensive Driving: Avoiding Aggressive Drivers

Avoiding Aggressive Drivers

One of the toughest challenges on Texas roads is avoiding aggressive drivers. Aggressive drivers simply need to get where they are going with as little disruption and as much speed as they can possibly muster. Aggressive drivers frequently weave in and out of traffic, rarely obey speed limits and do not ever drive at a measured pace when traffic is heavy or climatic conditions are bad. It could be the mix of large cities and large spaces, but in Texas defensive driving is vital.

Too often, drivers figure that other drivers around them will be paying the same amount of attention to their driving as they do themselves. This is a bad idea and if you are planning to practice defensive driving, this is a very bad move. As a defensive driver, you need to pay special attention to other drivers and expect their next moves.

When dealing with an assertive driver, the best idea is to stay as far out of the way as possible. Don’t allow them to “ride your bumper” or make you drive faster than you are comfortable driving. Moving out of the way of an assertive driver is the best option for a Texas defensive driver.

Slowing down in front of an aggressive driver, or other actions to get him to “straighten out” will only make things worse. This can not make him drive more responsibly, only piss him off more.

Drivers who are driving defensively are continually concentrating on what is occurring around them. They remain concentrated on driving safely and may not be using their cell phone, texting or ignoring traffic signals and signs. Aggressive drivers seldom have any interest in what drivers around them are doing, they just have one goal in mind, getting to the front of a line of traffic and going on the way. Do not let an aggressive driver stop you from driving defensively, get out of their way and continue watching what actions they are taking that could impact your driving.

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