Destino, A V8-Powered Karma, Debuts In Detroit

Fisker’s Karma is a beautiful car, with luxury to suit the most pampered of tastes. However, its electric drive train presents problems for many auto purchasers, even for those with deeper pockets. One car customizer is offering a unique solution for buyers who want Karma’s looks and luxury without the limitations of zero-emissions transportation.

The Karma of Fisker

Getting consumers to get an electric vehicle is becoming more and more challenging because of the problems associated with them. There is a limited range and a lack of infrastructure. On top of that, the Fisker Karma has been getting a lot of grief for fires. There were 16 Karmas that caught fire when under water with Superstorm Sandy. There were also two fires before that in the U.S., though one was a cooling fan problem.

Make way for the Destino

Gilbert Villareal and former GM executive Bob Lutz produced something cool with VL Automotive. The Karma had its electric engine taken out and a 604-horsepower Corvette-ready General Motors LS9 V8 put in instead.

You would need a pretty good auto loan officer to pay the $180,000 price tag for the resulted Destino. The vehicle is not cheap and will be the first offering from VL Automotive. It debuted at the Detroit Auto Show this month and will only be available by orders.

More than just an average Karma

The Destino comes with either manual or automatic transmission, depending on the buyer’s preference. Buyers also have the choice of installing the 6.2-liter 450 horsepower LT1 V8 found in the 2014 Corvette Stingray.

The rear bumper of the vehicle has an integrated exhaust pipe that runs where the battery connections used to go in the Fisker Karma. The mustache grille from the Karma is also changed to give more cooling vents.

Cool trumps sustainability for some

Although it defeats the environmental advantage of the Karma, the Destino could deliver a whole lot of cool instead. The combination of a lighter drive train and the power of the LS9 should, according to Motor Authority, put the Destino on a level with the Porsche Panamera and the Aston Martin Rapide for performance.

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