Diesel Trucks: How To Increase The Power

A stock truck is a great piece of machinery, but if you are going to be towing anything particularly heavy, such as a fishing boat or toy hauler, more power is a necessity. In addition, many people enjoy racing their trucks, and this also means you need to increase power and make some aftermarket additions to your truck. There are many ways to improve the power and performance of your diesel truck.

A diesel-powered truck is often a better option because they tend to be more fuel efficient, and with gas prices sky high, this makes a significant difference. While both engines are internal combustion engines, they convert fuel into energy in different ways. In a diesel engine, air is compressed and becomes hot, and when it mixes with fuel, the fuel ignites. In a regular gas engine, the fuel and air are mixed, then compressed and then ignited by the spark plugs.

That’s just a basic look at how the diesel engine works, and if you want to improve or boost the power, torque and fuel efficiency of your diesel truck, you should consider aftermarket performance products such as a cold air intake system and specialty air filters. These can really be helpful additions, especially if you plan on towing anything often and for long distances. There are plenty of great brands of cold air intakes, including the Airaid intake systems, S&B cold air intake and many more.

A diesel tuner is another aftermarket item that many truck owners install. The tuner controls your turbo boost, as well as your fuel delivery. For example, you can adjust the tuner so that more fuel is added to the engine, creating more power. This can increase the horsepower of your engine by as much as 100 horsepower or more. Best of all, this is something most truck owners can install themselves. There are many different brands to consider, from a Quadzilla tuner to a Smarty tuner. These also are known as a diesel programmer or a diesel chip, so you might see a product listed as an Edge performance chip or Bully Dog programmer.

Yet another consideration would be to move beyond the restrictive stock exhaust system and upgrade to an exhaust system that truly improves the torque, power and fuel economy of your truck. In addition to the aftermarket exhaust, you will want to upgrade the muffler and tips, too.

These are just a few of the major improvements that one can make to their stock diesel truck. You can also consider upgrading your suspension system or perhaps opting to plus-size your wheels and tires. Adding more advanced gauges is a helpful way to ensure that your engine is running at its best and is a great way to identify problems before they damage your engine.

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