DIY Bike Tech: Maintaining Your Braking Systems

Brakes are sometimes neglected by a lot of bikers once they have served unlimited kilometers halting your motorcycle when you need them. This simple DIY repairing of your braking system is yet another reminder that most of us should look at them consistently and be sure they function effectively to avoid being amongst many casualties from motorcycle accidents.

After years and mileage of use, your braking system could possibly be providing you lackluster performance and you don’t possibly are aware of it. Do your brakes provide smooth progressive stopping or do they function like a switch -all or none? This doesn’t suggest that they are damaged or worn-out, your calipers only need repaired. You will discover sealing o-rings in the calipers that just must be cleansed and lubricated. Following this, it will certainly enhance your braking performance significantly. I have found mid to late make Harleys could require caliper checking.

The best way to determine if your bike needs this is to merely squeeze the brake handle. If this hits or comes close to the accelerator Harley hand grip, your calipers need some servicing. What you are going to have to execute this task is some brake clean and some type of lubrication like WD-40 and a pry bar.

Remove your calipers from the motorbike and squeeze the brake lever. You will notice, just a pair of the four pistons within the caliper are actually functioning okay. The other two are sticking.

What you need to do is clean up the caliper pistons, apply a small amount of brake clean on them and blow dry with pressurized air. You may want to carry such out a couple of times since this depends how dirty your calipers are.

Once your caliper pistons are nice and clean, spray some lube on them. Then get your pry bar and place it between your brake pads and pry the pistons back into their bores. Next, squeeze your brake lever and take notice of how the pistons emerge from the caliper. What you are aiming is that each of the pistons all come out equally and at the same time. You are going to should do this several times to get them come out smoothly.

This is what you’re after: all pistons evenly extended. This should take five to ten squeezes of the brake handle. Reinstall your brake and torquethe bolts to its specs, typically 35 ft. lbs.

Pump your brake handle until you get a nice strong feel. Pay attention to just how far away the handle is from the throttle hand grip. That is the way your brake lever should feel and look. At this point you need to take your motorcycle for a test ride. Use caution and give yourself plenty of time to adapt to the newly serviced brakes. This particular tip can be applied to anything that has brake calipers, quite possibly your old truck.

Just before we split up, remember that even a decent brake system may crash. In case that time happens, we should be ready at all cost. Make sure to wear any protective helmets to avoid severe injuries. If you are thinking you might be compromising style when driving a motorcycle with a helmet, search, try checking a German motorcycle helmet or any stylish protective gear that suite your H-D’s looks. Just make sure they are made from the highest quality; Not only you are protected, you’re way looking cool with it. Ride Safe and happy riding!

Always wear a sturdy motorcycle helmet such as the one in this video.

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