Do it yourself: Emergency Solution for a Flat Tire


The bike I had been riding not too long ago has a seriously used front tire which I was waiting around terribly about swapping. This was up until the aged motorcycle wheel found a screw at the road and displaced its shaped figure. Luckily in my circumstances (and my pals with pickups) I kept a bike wheel fix kit in my tool tote.

The pack that I have is from Genuine Innovations, the set includes repair sticky plugs, with tool set up for tubeless wheels, patches, and glue for inner tubes, two 45 gm CO2 cartridges, an air chuck, and a carrying case. The set is sufficiently little to fit inside your jacket and it really accomplishes the task quickly and simple. Total time frame right from diagnosis of a punctured wheel to being back on the road was only 25 minutes or so.

The kit comes filled with the essentials for both tube or tubeless wheels. The rather large-sized screw seemed to be quite a task for this tire repair kit. Although everything was said and done, it was not that simple.

It took fairly an effort to remove the screw that tucked itself on the outside of the tire, but it eventually came out with several yanks using a pair of Vise-Grip pliers. After the screw was taken out, the hole looked bad. This is how our roadside motorcycle tire service kit is going to be put to the test.

The debris cleaning agent taken away unwanted crude from the asphalt through many months of service out of the puncture as well as prepared the hole for the plug. This makes sure there won’t be any lubrication or the likes still left on the hole. What we’d like is actually for the plug to obtain the most bond when we put it on.

The uniquely formulated motorcycle tire plug was set up on the insertion tool and the two ends were held together by its own adhesive properties. The tool was then inserted into the opening of the motorcycle tire. As we moved it around to be sure the plug was in the entry point of the motorcycle tire, the tool was removed, leaving behind the plug in the tire.

The Monster Chuck was attached on the CO2 cartridge until the seal was pierced letting the air to flow. The valve body of the Monster Chuck was then hard pressed against the Schrader valve and the tire started to fill with air. With the tire pumped and keeping air, the remains of the tire plug were cut off with a pair of dykes.

It can be dangerous when you get a flat tire while speeding your way through the motorway. Make sure you have your protective gear just like carbon fiber German motorcycle helmets and your compact tire repair service kit. It can make a big difference.

Always wear strong motorcycle helmets when you ride.

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