Experience Style And Performance With A 2009 Acura From Honda

by R K Reid

One of the top automotive design and builders in the world is the Acura company.

They are headquartered in Japan and are a sister company of Honda automobiles.

The Acura line of vehicles are Honda’s offering to the sport luxury car market, made as a buyers alternative to a Lexus or an Infinity.

Over the years Acura has modified its design to compete with these other luxury dealers.

Currently, Acura is featuring five different models.

Sedan models consist of 3 versions: the RL, TL and TSX.

Starting prices for these models are priced at around $29,500 to $46,500.

The other 2 models, the MDX and RDX, are considered SUV’s and priced starting at around $35,000 to $42,000.

These are all estimates for the 2009 models.

Acura is also known for it’s motor sports division.

It manufactures vehicles that are ?too advanced for the street? and can be raced by professional racecar drivers.

The ARX is an example model from the motor sports division that was created to race in the America Le Mans Series.

Safety for the driver is one of the hallmarks of the company.

It makes no difference if it is a car made for use on public streets or on the race track, there is no compromise.

Simply put, safety considerations are the #1 priority of Acura.

Along with safety, it also incorporates security into all of their makes and models.

A theft prevention system adds an additional layer of security, safeguarding the Acura owner against auto theft.

Though equipped with the latest safety and security features, what makes the Acura stand out is it’s sleek and stylish design.

Whether it is safety or performance your after, the sporty and sexy design of the Acura brand appeals to everyone.

Anyone who buys an Acura takes great pride in the way their car looks.

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