Find a Good Auto Repair Shop

Be certain to ask the shop you are considering if they actually work on your kind of car. Some shops specialize and may be unwilling to work on cars outside that brand. Others might rarely work on your type of car and not be as experienced as you could like. Ask friends and family about any shop you are considering to see what type of suggestions or warnings you get.

“Word of mouth” is critical in any business, but especially in service and trade businesses. The type of car repair Coeur d’Alene residents will recommend are firms that they are pleased with, so word gets passed around. Not everybody will talk as brazenly about a negative experience, however. So simply not hearing bad things does not imply a car shop must be all right.

If you ask whether they’ve done much work on your sort of auto or any other questions—and you need to ask—pay attention, not solely to the answers, but how you are answered. Are they impatient or using a tone that lets you know they hate the questions? Are you getting full answers to all your questions, or are you hearing plenty of answers that truly don’t address what you have got to know?

When you ask about insurance and pro certifications, are you given that info? A high quality shop should be very happy to answer your questions kindly and completely.

Look round the garage for modern equipment. Paint mixing hardware, sprayers and computerized imaging systems are a must for today’s car repair. Is the shop clean and well laid-out, or is everything dusty and dirty with no sense to the set-up? An organized shop will generally be better, and shows that the workers are completely on top of their jobs.

Finally, make sure the work is guaranteed with some sort of guarantee so that you have recourse if the garage does an unsatisfactory job.

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