Finding the Acura that Suits You!

by Aidan Busbee

If you’re already shopping for an Acura…you’re already heading in the right direction. So you know step one and you’re already doing it! Good job. Step two may be a little less clear. Even knowing which manufacturer you trust leaves you with a seemingly endless number of questions to answer before you make your final car purchasing decision.

Step two is pinpointing which model you’d like to buy. But with so many great Acura models it might be a bigger decision than you think. With so many models to choose from it can be an overwhelming decision. Shopping can be fun, but it can also be quite difficult.

When deciding upon your preferred model, you’ve got to make sure that the model that suits your needs falls within the limitations of your personal budget. You should be able to afford it easily (or at least afford it period!) If you have no idea then throw together a simple budget. Before you can know what you can afford you’ve got to know what you’re already spending.

Experts suggest that the “suggested” amount to budget towards a vehicle would be 20% of your net income, but defining a budget specifically for your own needs works the best. You might find that you can rearrange your spending to accommodate your new car purchase easily.

Choose the Acura model that suits the MOST of your needs and wants. Don’t make too many exceptions to the standards you set prior to heading out shopping. Know what you’re looking for in a vehicle and LOOK for it! If you absolutely MUST have power windows then don’t look at cars that don’t have power windows! If you’ve got to save money on gas then make sure you are looking at fuel efficient models!

Four wheel drive? Plenty of cargo space? Additional seating in the back? DVD system installed in the car? Custom paint job? Define your needs and your wants and then get as much as you can for the price you’re willing to pay. If you’re willing to look around for it; you’re likely to find it! Good luck shopping!

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