Finding The Right Used Car

Is it time to think about getting a new vehicle? Do your kids refer to your car as “the dinosaur” or “the boat”? Does it blow blue smoke everywhere? It sounds like it’s time for a replacement. While it may not be important to you to have a cool ride, it should be important to have a dependable one. Especially if your kids are approaching driving age.

Perhaps it is time to buy a new vehicle, or a least one that starts all the time. But I’m not going to a dealership like last time, I always get talked into paying more than I want to. And no matter how great they say the car is the bottom line is that they make money buy selling you the worst car they can for the highest price they can get. I think that it’s time to go for a privately sold car. This should save some money.

You might want to begin by checking out your local newspaper. The classified section is a great place to start for deals on new and used cars available in your area. There are also specialized guides that contain classifieds listings for cars all across the U.S. Your dream ride might be right there, waiting for you on the East Coast. Or maybe you want to try a new way to find a car.

It’s time to start my online search for the right vehicle for me. I can look at local online classifieds for sellers of used cars in my area, or look at cars for sale all over the United States, and even the world. I can limit my search to type of vehicle like cars, minivans or trucks. I can also limit to new or used vehicles and restrict results to a certain price range. Wow, that’s a pretty specific search. Now to find the right fit for me.

Do you want to know why it pays to avoid new cars? Well, first of all, when you buy a new vehicle, straight of the lot, it decreases in value immediately after you drive away. And I mean it decreases a lot. Why spend 40 grand on a brand new car, when you can simply look up used cars for sale by owners and pay half the price for it in like-new condition? Who cares if it has 40,000 miles on it if it runs well and looks new? You can literally save 50 percent. Isn’t it worth it?

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