first 4×4 power steering upgrade

Do you have trouble with your power steering? been on the trail when your steering pump starts squealing?

most off roaders open their wallet and reach deep . The part counter personel will sell you an performance power steering pump. This is a good idea and will definitely be a noticeable upgrade.

The steering problem is gone now. Not quite, it heats up from heavy demand, on the trail. Next thing you know opening the wallet again. This time your told to buy a high performance gear box. The power steering gear box combined with the p/s pump make wheeling a pleasure again.

This works like a charm until summer hits. That familiar p/s squeal starts howling again. This time a friend suggest going to an off-road racing shop and find out what the pros are using. They tell you to try full synthetic power steering fluid.

This raises all sorts of red flags, did I really need to purchase all the hardware? The hardware is a big upgrade. Heres the problem a week end enthusiast wheeling with their daily driver should have started with the least exspensive item the fluid. we have tested Wynn’s synthetic p/s fluid in a professional rock crawling buggies with outstanding results.

The properties of full synthetic power steering fluid are tough to beat. synthetic power steering fluid have smaller molecules allowing it to reach further and faster into tight areas stareved during high demand situations. The flash or burn point seems to be lower than standard fluid.

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