Fueling Your Car with Hydrogen: More Power to You!

As Tom tighten the last screw to the hose clamp securely installing a homemade hydrogen gas kit for his 2002 Ford Taurus Sedan. Tom was hoping to double his gas mileage and could hardly wait for tomorrow when he and his family were driving From Seattle to San Diego to visit family and the amusement parks in LA with the children.

The hydrogen fuel is runs very dry and is causing a flaking off of metal in the engines. The flaking failure has been found in sliding / rolling contacts. The stress corrosion cracking, a dilemma found in engines that run on primarily on hydrogen fuel, is being studied by consultants to see how it might be corrected.

There is also the situation of Ethanol stress corrosion – cracking and even biofuels corrosion. The movement to find cheap alternative fuels instead of relying on the foreign oil companies is the new American dream.

News release: At last the US car manufacturers are listening to the public. As announced – Ford built the world’s first drivable fuel cell hybrid electric plug-in: the Ford Edge with HySeries Drive, and has already manufactured a fleet of Hydrogen fuel-celled Focus ” helping to bring even greener cars to our future. Now, will the public demand the hybrid vehicles to be even better and available for everyone? Research who ordered the crush of a most successful testing of an electric car — see the movie: Who Killed The Electric Car?

Confronted with the ever-increasing cost of gasoline, the public is demanding an alternative to gas and wants to see a locally produced Bio-fuel solution. Some worldwide automakers are in search of a way to produce cost-effectively improving vehicle fuel economy while still meeting today’s strict emissions protection legislation. Why have gas saving inventions been bought up and hidden?

One Green way to boost fuel economy is to add hydrogen to the fuel/air mixture in a conventional gasoline engine. It’s called a hydrogen-boosted gas engine. However, since hydrogen isn’t readily available at your local filling station, selling a hydrogen-boosted gas engine hasn’t been on any automaker’s to do list. People pressure might help.

Hydrogen can be used in combustion engines, and its by-product is only water. This makes hydrogen the almost-perfect fuel for today and tomorrow.

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