Get the Most Out of Your Fuel

You’d have to be either extremely rich or completely mad to actively squander your cash in this day and age. Much of the modern world is in the grip of economic decline, and to ease the blow as much as is humanly possible, we need to save the pennies whenever we can. The cost of living is on the up, whilst wages are remaining relatively static, so avoid feeling the pinch quite as much as you could, there are a few things you can do to reduce day-to-day expenditure.

One glaringly day-to-day expense that has experienced a rise in recent years is that of running a car. Many people rely on cars in their every day lives, yet the cost of filling it up at the petrol station is forcing many people off the roads. However, there are a few things you can do to reduce the amount of fuel that you consume, therefor reducing the cost. Not only is it beneficial to you financially, it is also better for the environment.

Wherever possible, you should avoid driving with your windows open. This results in extra drag force on the car, which results in more fuel consumption to keep the car running at speed. Simply roll the windows up and your car will instantly become more aerodynamic, thus more economical with fuel.

As a very general rule, the faster you drive, the greater the amount of fuel your car consumes. This is particularly true when you reach high speeds in your car. When you travel at 70mph, statistics show that you are likely to use around 25% more fuel than if you stick to between 50-60mph. If you drive aggressively (quick acceleration/deceleration), then your car will use considerably more fuel than if you drive smoothly and steadily. Avoid racing to beat the traffic lights – it’s a safer style of driving and it’s more economical.

If you can see that you’re likely to be stationary for more than a couple of minutes, you might want to consider turning the engine off completely. Many people are tempted to keep the engine ticking over in big traffic jams, but this is just unnecessary fuel consumption.

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