Getting Your Grand Caravan Running Good Again With A New PCM

The car’s PCM is certainly the part that holds the most significance when we talk about operation of the fuel system. It generally can be described as the brain of the car. To illustrate, your Dodge Caravan PCM regulates your fuel and transmission and a many other functions. It identifies fuel needs just by analyzing a number of factors such as the amount of air being used, position of the throttle and the gear wherein the transmission is located, etc. There are more factors to consider in but those are just a few to mention.

Without the car computer, also known as Power-train Control Module (PCM) or can also be called Engine Control Unit (ECU), the Dodge Caravan basically won’t run. Engine computers are generally made to last for a long time but, it can’t be helped that it just stops working.

A sensor that does not work properly or worse, does not work at all will not be able to send important information to the computer. This problem may most probably hinder the function of your car. For better understanding, we take your throttle’s sensors as an example.

If these sensors fail to deliver information, the computer will not be able tell the volume of fuel it needs to release to the engine so that maintenance of the speed is kept at the proper level.

Air flow sensors are another part of the car that works together with the car’s computer. Air flow sensors work by measuring the volume of air that goes in the engine and sends this information to the computer. The computer then regulates the right amount of fuel into the engine that mixes with the air. So when the sensors in the air flow do not work, the computer will not be able to regulate the correct amount of fuel. In result, the car may not work properly.

Encountering these kinds of problems will most likely bring you more problems and I am talking about financial problems. Gas wastage is the end result to these problems.

Problems like these leads to more expenses because of gas wastage. These problems occur usually because of a problem in the car’s engine computer but consumers should not always jump into conclusion that it is always the cause of the problems. Checking the entire car parts before ordering a new Dodge Grand Caravan PCM would most likely be the best course of action to take.

One of the priority steps you should employ is to check the fuse box. Often times, a diagram of the fuse is found on your Grand Caravan manual or on the cover of the fuse box.

If not, then we move to another possible cause. A car’s PCM is very much alike to a computer’s software therefore; we should not forget to get these checked. By bringing it to your dealer for inspection, the software’s status is checked by plugging it unto a computer. This just might identify any problems in the car computer’s software and actually fix it.

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