Half Shell Helmet

Motorcycle helmets come in different designs, one of these is the half shell motorcycle helmet. This style like the name suggests, is shaped like a bowl and covers half of the head, it does not extend down the neck like regular ones do. They do up under the chin with a strap, and have snaps that a face shield can attach onto. Although they offer somewhat less protection, they are still safe and actually preferred by some people since they are lightweight and comfortable. As with any type of protective headgear, certain things should be kept in mind when making the selection.

Of considerable importance and highly indicative of safety standards is DOT (Department of Transportation) certification. If a product has passed the necessary tests to receive the certification, it will have a sticker on it as proof. For it to successfully pass the safety tests it must prove itself to; be able to withstand a certain amount of impact, resist penetration to an established extent, and have a fastening system that will remain in place in case of trauma.

It is necessary for a helmet to fit the rider as precisely as possible. Not all heads are the same size so helmets come in varying sizes to accommodate this and are fairly adjustable too. Most sales staff can provide assistance in this area if needed. For the right fit, the following should be true; skin moves with the helmet if moved, if the head is moved around in all directions on purpose, the helmet will not shift significantly.

Comfort too plays a role, and the half helmet is particularly good in this category since it is lighter weight and less restrictive. Having a comfortable helmet is important because one that isn’t can be challenging and dangerous even if it distracts the rider considerably. Some designs feature additional foam padding which adds to both the fit and comfort even more.

The half shell design logically does not provide the same coverage as a traditional style does, yet the coverage it does supply still needs to be evaluated. In these models, the shell should cover the head firmly so that it half covers the ears. Within the helmet there is a solid styrofoam liner called an EPS liner; some of these only cover particular areas whereas others line the entire inner shell and offer extra protection.

The retention system, which normally consists of a chinstrap is also an important area to examine when buying a helmet. Retention refers to how easily it stays on the head when faced with sudden impact. A good system will hold it onto the head effectively, so it will continue to protect the head if force is experienced.

Also good to consider when looking for just the right piece of protective equipment are added comfort or convenience features. While not required for safety, they can simply add to the ease of use and enjoyment from wearing it. Amongst other qualities these things can be reflected in the cost, which too needs to be considered in the decision, but a safe and sturdy piece of equipment will not usually be inexpensive.

With some careful selection, the right half shell motorcycle helmet can be bought. Although they offer typically less protection than regular designs, if fitted correctly they are still quite safe and preferred by some riders. This guide gives a good idea as to the most important features to look for when buying.

Always wear a good helmet, see a video on the best motorcycle helmets

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