Half Water Half Gas – Another Auto Hydrogen Conversion Guide

by Harold Winslow

The latest version of DIY hydrogen conversion kit guides is Half Water Half Gas, this is the newest addition of downloadable information guides. So with the already very popular Water 4 Gas and other products available, what is better about Half Water Half Gas?

The people who came up with this guide are most likely marketers, I can say this because I know for a fact that “ozzie” who came up with the original guide Water4Gas was a marketer who used the plans for the conversion and turned them into a product. The thing is, that is not really important as long as it is providing the consumer with what they are looking for. I believe the devolopers of this product were very smart, because they included video as a format for the instructions for conversion.

This alone makes the whole process a lot easier for many people. Because of how some people grasp information differently, the use of different mediums for teaching the instructions of the conversion process is a really great innovation.

So how does this guide shape up to some of the other guides that are available? Well the cost is $67, which comes in the middle of the cost of the other two guides. The detail of information in Half Water Half Gas is about as good as that of Water4Gas, but again, with the inclusion of video it has a clear advantage.

How easy is this guide to implement? Well when it comes down to it, this guide along with pretty much all the other guides use the same process of implementation, just with slightly different approaches. Half Water Half Gas does turn out to be pretty easy to implement. You might find it hard if you have no idea how to do any maintenaince on your car. If you aren’t comfortable doing basic maintenance, I recommend getting a professional to install it for you.

Customer support for the Half Water Half Gas product was really very good. It only took about a day and a half for the guys there to get back to us when we tested it out. Although Water4Gas is said to have the best customer support we definitely were quite pleased with the responsiveness for the support with this product.

For the money spent on this guide, I think that the value is very good. Pretty much anyone who is looking to install their own hydrogen car kit with a DIY guide would be very happy with this product for helping them get the job done. It also offers an 8 week money back guarantee, so those who are not happy can just get their money back.

For those people who are having doubts about the truth of this technology and are not sure if its just overhyped garbage, have a look at the fact that many multibillion dollar car companies are willing to invest in this technology into their new models. Its obviously valid, and its going somewhere. The fact is that this technology has been repressed for far too long.

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