HHO Gas Kits For Fuel Benefits

by Mark Roberts

HHO generators can help you get your best gas mileage. HHO generators can be made in the shop when you have the right plans. Almost all the parts required for HHO generators can be found around the home, garage, shop or around local stores. If you are replicating the system then you may want to buy in bulk and further reduce costs. Installing HHO generators on a car or truck you will have a water hybrid car or vehicle that should help increase gas mileage.

HHO generators make HHO gas by a process called electrolysis. HHO generators are filled with water and a catalyst such a baking soda and when added helps the process by producing hydroxy or better known as HHO gas. Electrolysis occurs when a current is passed over metal plates or wires usually made from stainless steel. The result is a gas that produces a lot of energy in the form of HHO gas. Maintenance usually requires adding a few ounces of water to the fuel cell and some catalyst about once a month or when needed.

HHO gas kits produce a gas called hydroxy that should help with the process of combustion. Hydroxy is then introduced to the engine in the air intake before the manifold and this is where is is mixed. This is simple engine modification and leaves little trace should you lated unistall the kit when you decide to sell the vehicle. HHO gas has used in many applications for over 40 years including welding. HHO gas also known as hydroxy or Brown’s gas has been used experimentally and by entrepreneurs.

HHO generators are the best devices when you read reviews of gas saving devices. HHO generators take up little room around the engine bay or your truck or car. Most impressive is they can be used on gasoline or diesel engines.

Home made HHO generators or HHO fuel cells can be made from free plans found online but some miss a few important items. The most important is a way to compensate for an oxygen sensor on some car or truck models. The oxygen sensor is found on the exhaust side of the engine and helps keep you fuel to air ratio optimal and is constantly adjusting for optimal mileage. Without this one device supplied you may end up with a decrease in gas mileage and a rough running engine.

Many people are willing to spend several dollars for a gasoline additive that helps keep carbon from building up and possibly increase gas mileage. HHO gas is something that will could help carbon buildups from forming and help keep your engine clean. When you motor is clean of carbon buildups it runs coolers and smoother and helps extent its life.

HHO generators could increase gas mileage efficiency and reduce tail pipe emissions. We all want a greener planet and less pollution. When you increase you mileage with an HHO generator you could also see more horse power and a smoother running and quieter engine. Some have seen a typical boost in mileage from 16 to 40% and some are seeing much higher.

What does HHO fuel cell plans have to do with you. Well a fuel cell can be made for about 60 to 100 dollars. You can replicate the HHO fuel cell for other cars and trucks or for larger engines. You also get the information you need to deal with engines that need compensation when dealing with the oxygen sensor. The major benefit is increased MPG’s.

HHO gas kits may not be you best solution to increasing gas mileage. Some HHO gas kits can cost hundreds sometimes thousands installed. With the correct detailed plans and I stress this again for a point do not always give you all the information you need. You should be using plans that have detailed instructions and photos when you build HHO car kits.

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