How to deal a with auto mechanics if you are a woman

Why do mechanics have a reputation when it comes to women and getting cars repaired? Mechanics seem to be with the attitude that states that females do not have much information that males have about cars. The above is not to mean that all mechanics possess this attitude but a big numbers does and this is of heavy concern. What can women do to upset this trend? What can be done so that women are not taken advantage of by mechanics?

There is a strategy that you can employ as a woman when dealing with mechanics. Foremost, you must be in the know. get to read your car manual. know how your car runs. Be in the know of how regularly your car fluids are changed and how the controls are operated with other information.

The second part of the strategy is understanding what you can do yourself. You can save a lot of money by doing simple things like changing your wiper blades, checking your head and tail lights and also checking your fluid levels to ensure they are where they should be. It’s obvious, that if you do these things yourself, you don’t have to deal with a mechanic. Dealing with an hourly mechanic will save you a lot of money if you take these aspects to mind.

If you happen to be a woman and must deal with a mechanic, find a reliable one. Scrutinize the mechanic that falls into your consideration. Check if there are reports of trouble with their businesses. Inquire from friends and relations on where to get the best services at fair prices. Stay loyal to the mechanic who has proven that he does not want to rip you off. Adverts might draw you elsewhere but it is best to stay where you are treated well.

You should be in the know of the problem your car is facing next time you visit your mechanic. You can access this information from the internet or else, you can get the information from special manuals that come with the make and model of your car. Your mechanic will think twice before ripping you off if you go to him with this information. You should keep off the words “I think it’s probably something bad.” As this is the go ahead for a mechanic to rip you off.

Ensure that once you visit a mechanic that he points out to you the problem clearly. Make the mechanic aware In cases where you do not understand that you are keen on finding it out. An honest mechanic most of the time will not hesitate to show you what is wrong with your car. The situation is most especially true when you show some knowledge on the problem. At times, you might know how the problem your car has but unwilling to take care of it.

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