How To Make Your Car Insurance Claim A Worry-free Process

Having car insurance is important legally and financially. Anyone who owns a car must also purchase insurance for it. The kind of insurance policy and amount of coverage you have depends on how much you are able or willing to spend on it. A less expensive insurance quote with minimal coverage can be generated in minutes using the internet. Purchasing comprehensive coverage is more expensive but has the advantage of bringing peace of mind.

In the event that you and your vehicle are involved in an accident or theft, an insurance claim must be filed to help with repairs and financial coverage for any other loss or damage from the incident. Submitting the claim should be relatively simple if done carefully and with an open mind, but doing it as soon as possible should help expedite the settlement process and the awarding of any compensation.

Submission of your auto insurance claim after an accident or theft must be accompanied by the filing of a police report. A copy of the report will go to the insurance company. This is especially important when there are deaths or injuries resulting from a car accident. You will also need to gather and share with your insurance carrier all pertinent details of the car theft or accident. These details include names, addresses and phone numbers of witnesses and other people involved in as well as the time and place at which the event took place.

In the spirit of fair and equal information exchange, inquiries by your insurance agent or company into the car accident or theft for verification purposes are expected. As you willingly share all the details that you have gathered, you will likely be encouraged to enter all such data in writing or online, as well as follow other claims-oriented procedures. During the filing process, you should begin inquiring about the amounts and wait-times for any possible compensation for loss and repairs, which, again, can vary depending on your policy and amount of coverage.

If your insurance policy includes collision coverage, then you should receive compensation for damage from any accident, even if it involved another vehicle or inanimate objects such as trees or walls. Ask your agent about having your car repaired. The agent should inform you of not only any repair estimate requirements, but also which auto repair/body shops you should go to for these. If anything is unclear, ask your question again, as it is better to inquire more than once than to learn later that you will have to pay such amounts out-of-pocket, etc.

If you have not been informed yet of the time frame for a settlement, inquire again. Time frame is important because in the meantime you must have access to a rental car, which your policy may or may not cover. If car rental is not included in your policy, then a longer settlement time frame could result in additional expenses for you. You should also double-check on any other benefits included in your policy.

The claimant can also inquire from the agent the duration after which he will be contacted about any further proceedings about the case. If he has an auto insurance policy with collision or comprehensive cover then he will not have any worries. The insurance company will pay the damages without assigning the fault.

The car insurance claims filing process does not have to be a nightmare. It can be a relatively simple and worry-free submission, especially if you keep your head on straight and remain assertive, persistent and smart. The process will flow more smoothly and you will see your compensation that much more quickly.

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