How to Power Your Car to Run on Water Fuel Alternative

The cost of gas has skyrocketed out of control. These high gas prices make filling up your gas tank equivalent to buying over a week’s worth of groceries, and at the moment it does not appear that relief is in sight.

Science has shown that hydrogen may be the next best alternative energy source if we expect to stop requiring foreign oil for fuel, but hydrogen can be difficult to create and even harder to implement. Luckily, there is already a way to use the hydrogen power in your car’s engine that does not require purchasing a new vehicle or extensive auto-repair know-how.

Although pure hydrogen power may be at a standstill, the ability to use hydrogen to as an alternative energy is still very much alive, and many people have already begun using it as a form of fuel. Known as HHO gas (for 2 hydrogen, 1 oxygen, aka H2O), it is a form of fuel that uses hydrogen but is actually created by water.

By hooking a homemade electrolyzer up to your engine, you can extract little hydrogen particles from standard tap water. These particles are then moved to your engine, which work with gasoline to help fuel your car in tandem. With HHO gas, you are improving your car’s MPG rating by up to 300%, because your car is now using two forms of energy instead of one to power its engine.

The best part about HHO gas is that after it has been used it converts back to water. Thus you are not only significantly increasing your MPG rating, you are also doing less harm to the environment.

This technology has created cars that use nothing but water as fuel! These electrolyzers have proved incredibly effective, and there have been many examples of only water being used to power some smaller machines, such as torches, using no additional fuel or additives. At the moment, however, HHO is only used as a car supplement, rather than a completely new engine.

Until that day, however, HHO technology is still a form of alternative energy that can help all of us save thousands at the pump. Using water to power cars has the potential to help reduce our dependence on foreign oil, lower the price of gas, and improve the health of the planet, all with a simple new energy source.

While it may be decades or more before car companies accept HHO gas as a viable source of energy to power their cars, it can still be used to help improve the gas mileage of your cars and save you from the high gas prices you experience every day. Someday your car may be made to run on water, but until that day, HHO gas supplements are one of the best ways to save money at the pump.

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