Hydrogen Car Kits – How To Do It

I would not be able to sustain the costs of making it to work, as ridiculous as it sounds, I was really being forced to look at taking drastic measures for me and my family, like moving in closer to the city where I worked, or actually finding a job closer to home. In my desperation I went on the internet in hopes of finding a means to some how cut my fuel costs. I came across some talk in about a hydrogen car conversion kit, that could allow your car to run on a variation of water and normal gas. Buying things over the internet is definitily not my favourite way of going about things, but I was pretty keen to see if I could get this thing to work. I did some research of course before just blindly buying the guide. I wanted to see what others where saying, and also I wanted to get the right one, as there is quite a few different guides. So many people rely on petrol as a means of sustaining there commute to work every day, I know that I did. The problem is that we are finding ourselves to be deeper and deeper out of pocket with skyrocketing price of fuel at the moment.

After doing a lot of good looking around on the net, reading reviews, going into consumer forums and reading posts on blogs, I found that generally people seemed to be happy with the results of this system. I did my research, and I felt that what feedback there was, was pointing to the suggestion that these DIY guides for installing the conversion kit actually did work. People had had a positive outcome and were actually saving money on fuel because of it.

I found a good site that did a comparison of all the different guides, there are quite a few, and I chose what was apparently the best one. I think another thing that actually allowed me to overcome my internet paranoia and just go ahead and invest in the guide, was the fact that it was very heavily advertised as having an 8 week refund. It was also sold through a company called ClickBank, and they are apparently a very reputable no nonsense organization. If you have any problems with the vendor, my friends who are more internet savvy than I, tell me that you can simply deal with ClickBank and get a refund. On downloading the ebook guide, I found that it was really laid out quite well, and I thought that the whole process seemed quite simple. I was pretty glad after all that, I must say.

Upon reading through the ebook, I was really happy to find that the stuff needed to make the hydrogen car conversion kit was going to be pretty basic. A lot of stuff that you would use around the house. Most of the parts needed to create the conversion kit, are easily found at your local hardware store. In fact in my case I had a lot of tubing and valves that I could use that were already just lying around the house. In terms of putting the thing together, I would say that overall it was pretty easy, and I am not exactly a DIY kind of person, my wife would definitely have to agree with you there, lol. The customer support was really good for the product that I bought, despite hearing a bit of bad stuff on the net about it prior to buying the guide.

Looking at the system from the perspective of someone who is not particularly knowledgable when it comes to DIY stuff, I would have to say that on the most part the kit was pretty easy to put together. There were one or two things that I got a little bit stuck on, but the customer service was really good for the guide that I bought, and they got me through any hiccups pretty via email. I really suggest for anyone who is wanting to buy a guide and install the kit that you make yourself a day when you can just focus on getting it done, no distractions. Turn off the phone, send the kids to a friend’s house if you can, and just really get down to it. At the end of the day of setting up the kit, I have to tell you that I was filthy, smelly and I had one hell of an aching back. But despite all that I was really anxious and excited to get it going and test it out. It was time to turn the ignition and see was this baby could do.

I turned the ignition and…………. yeah, it started up. No smoke, no flames, well so far anyway. I gave it some good revving. Wow, this thing actually makes your car sound healthier than it usually does. I was relieved and impressed to put it mildly. I needed to take the car for a real test, and so I decided to head out to the main road and get it up to good speed. I must say that it was pretty exciting having this thing set up. It kind of added a whole new level to what is normally just driving.

It was a funny moment, I kind of had a new excitment to driving, a bit like when you first get your license, you know that feeling. Well after driving around a bit grinning wildly, and probably looking like a loon, the car seemed to working just fine, completely normal, and in fact sounding really good. More relief. From using the system since then, I can say that the results still impress me. The car runs great, and I would have to say that it even runs better than it did before. In terms of my fuel costs, I am saving around 50% on fuel costs per week on average, of course that varies, depending how and where I am driving, but add that up over a year, and that is a huge saving. Exactly what I needed.

If I am saving that much per week, you can see how that adds up over time, I think just since I have had the system for a few months now, I have saved around 1200 quid, and If I keep using it, which of course I will, I am going to be saving thousands and thousands of dollars over just the next few years alone. Apart from the great gain of saving money on petrol, there is also the undeniable satisfaction that I get now, knowing that I am doing something that is helping with the current environmental state, which is looking pretty bad to say the least. Also, with the oil situation the way it is, we are going to start running out of resources pretty soon, and this is just going to keep pushing up the cost of fuel. you think its high right now, I bet you that in just a couple of years, it will have skyrocketed even further than it has already. This makes the idea of hydrogen fuel conversion very, very appealing, and I am sure I am not alone when I say that.

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