Increase Fuel Economy

No matter you are driving a car or a motorcycle and even a lorry, you need to know how to save fuel. It doesn’t matter whether the fuel is expensive or cheap because by saving fuel, you help to save the environment as well. This is very important to make sure that the fuel is not wasted after all fuel is a non renewable energy that is running out soon. Besides, saving fuel means saving money as well since you don’t have to spend so much to fill up your tank.

So, how can you help to save fuel? First of all, it is crucial to make sure that you don’t leave your engine idling for too long especially for the warming because it takes only 30 – 45 seconds to do the trick. If you leave your engine idling for one minute it will use up as much as it takes for start up. That is quite a lot of waste so make sure you follow this carefully.

Of course, when you want to accelerate, always start slowly. Don’t speed up as soon as you move because you will use up more fuel than necessary. There is no need to speed up so quickly because you will catch up with the speed eventually. All you need is a little patience.

Try to avoid air conditioning because it will use more fuel than you ever imagine. Try to use the vent instead of the air conditioning and leave your car windows up. When you lower you car windows you will increase the drag of your car and end up using more fuel to generate the energy needed to move your car forward. This is unnecessary since you can use the vent and keep the windows up.

Avoid filling gas when it is the hottest time of the day. For example, try to fill up in the morning when it is cooler and you get to save more fuel instead of having them evaporate into the thin air. Use a good engine oil will help to prolong your engine’s life and save fuel consumption. If you follow these rules properly, I am sure you will be able to save up more than you know especially after a year. You can feel the difference.

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