Is A Hydrogen Gas Saver For You ?

If rising gas prices have you worried and you have the interest and skills to do basic mechanical jobs on your vehicle, you may want to consider installing a hydrogen gas saver in your car. Among the benefits that you can see by installing this system are increase in gas mileage, considerable reduction in emissions and reduction in operating costs. Further, hydrogen gas is environment friendly, making it even more worthwhile.

There are two routes to installing a hydrogen gas saver system. There are plans available for purchase for the person who is handy or knows someone who is. The items to build this system can be found at most automotive outlets, home improvement stores or specialty distributors. Depending on your plans and where you purchase your supplies, the construction of your hydrogen gas saver can run anywhere from less than $200 to several thousand dollars. There are plenty of internet sites where you can purchase step-by-step instructions to install so-called water for gas units.

Hydrogen gas saver modification kits are primarily small hydrogen plants for producing hydrogen from water in your vehicle, thereby earning its’ nickname of water for gas. This type of installation usually requires using water and can generate hydrogen gas from the water using electricity from the vehicle’s charging system. Water molecules contain hydrogen gas and oxygen gas in the chemical form H2O. Hydrogen is separated from water and is then added to the air fuel mixture already introduced into your vehicle through the induction system. Hydrogen gas saver kits or systems of this category are suitable for vehicles from all terrain vehicles such as ATV’s to yachts.

If you don’t want to tackle installing a hydrogen gas saver kit yourself, the best way for adding hydrogen power to your vehicle is to have a hydrogen gas saver system professionally installed, by either a manufacturer or a licensed installer trained and certified by a manufacturer.

Installation centers for hydrogen vehicle conversions are not very common in areas that do not have access to a hydrogen plant or hydrogen fueling stations. Even if you cannot find an installation center near you, you can still contact the one closest to you and ask for advice on finding a center or perhaps even shipping your vehicle to the installation center. Many of the online guides that show you how to make these hydrogen generators also list people that will do the job for you if you don’t want to get your hands dirty.

The majority of companies that offer conversion kits or installation instructions to change your car’s fuel system to a hydrogen gas saver system claim that installing these kits will not affect your vehicle’s manufacturer’s warranty, but you need to confirm this with your car dealer or even the head office of the car manufacturer. Regardless of whether their answer is positive or negative, you should make certain to get written confirmation or at least keep a record of who you spoke to and the date.

Regardless of the type of hydrogen gas saver installation you prefer to switch your car’s fuel to hydrogen gas, it can save you money and help protect the environment. Depending on your installation kit, you may even be lucky enough to receive a tax credit during the next tax season, saving you even more money.

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