Is Water For Fuel Technology Dangerous For Your Car?

Yes, it’s dangerous ONLY IF you choose not to exercise your common sense! Hydrogen, or any fuel-related system using it is not something to joke with! Some people try to actually light hydrogen for fun and games… VERY BAD IDEA! Hydrogen will definitely explode if you put fire of any type in its vicinity and you know it will spread in no time.

Throughout the “Run your Car on Water” conversion manual that I used, there were ample precautionary notes, for all areas that have the capability to harm you or destroy your automobile. Especially when it came to things like toxic glues, etc.., the conversion manuals author placed distinct warnings that it’s impossible to overlook.

Now, with that out of the way, Hydrogen-On-Demand technology is not anymore more dangerous than traditional car technologies involving fuel, cooling, etc. For example, everyone knows the radiator is necessary to cool-down the engine. Without it, your auto would easily go up in smoke!

But, if you open the radiator cap when it’s smoking hot, you will get burned, right? The problem is not in the radiator by itself, the problem is in lack of awareness and carelessness. There are simple safety rules and it’s necessary to understand and apply them.

When attempting to undertake this water conversion, follow the rules that are observed in the manual. If you do, the chances of you endangering yourself are very minimal. I’ve see this system demonstrated to many people every day and it’s proven to be very safe because the rules are always followed.

Here’s a real-life instance. The chapter that discusses installation advises that you must keep the output-hose at a distance of four feet in order to prevent fire explosions. Don’t even think to cut it short even if the hose is closer than four feet. So, it may cost you a couple bucks, but it saves much trouble!

It is especially important to note, Hydrogen-On-Demand (or Water Fuel) is not synonymous with stored Hydrogen! In a normal system, it uses all the hydrogen that is produced immediately. Nowhere is there a hydrogen storage tank to explode in case of a car accident. This water fuel technology has proven to be MUCH SAFER than hydrogen cars or propane / natural gas automobiles.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not hazardous for your car / truck at all. Many have noted that they have seen their gas mileage increase by as much as 100% after implementing the hybrid conversion, too.

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