Is water4gas A Scam

It seems that everywhere you turn these days, prices for every day essentials are creeping upwards. Inflation is becoming a problem because various essentials like oil are going up causing it to filter through to groceries and other items. From the grocery store to the gas pump, prices seem to increase almost weekly or in the case of gasoline, daily. It’s no wonder that people are attracted to any product that claims to save to you money at the gas pump. The latest craze that’s sweeping the nation is water for gas or water4gas, as it’s popularly called.

While it may sound attractive to use water for gas, it’s not technically possible to simply put water into the fuel line of a car or other vehicle. It would cause severe damage to the engine. That does not mean that water4gas technology is fraudulent, however. There is a viable way in which to turn water to usable fuel for your vehicle. It is somewhat different from what you would think it is, however.

The term water4gas is slightly misleading. The water is not the fuel itself, but it supplies the hydrogen and oxygen elements that react to increase the fuel economy and performance of the gasoline engine. Clearly, hydrogen gas is both cleaner and more efficient than gasoline containing ethanol and, in sharp contrast to regular gas, emits only harmless water vapor as a by-product.

The concept behind water for gas systems is that supplying small amounts of hydrogen will help your car burn gasoline more efficiently. Thus, your car will consume less gas. You can conceivably create an alternative source of power for your car by splitting water into its component atoms of hydrogen and oxygen. Sound far-fetched? Not, really, NASA sends its shuttles into space using the same hydrogen fuel.

Most water4gas systems that are currently available online teach you how to convert water for gas to fuel your vehicle. You can also find Internet sites or even auto parts stores that sell kits to assemble and install inside your car. When you purchase a downloadable version of the water4gas systems you receive instructions on how to build a water4gas converter and will need to purchase materials to build it with as well.

People tend to fear that anything untested or not mainstream is bogus or a scam. A search for the term “water4gas scam” on the internet yields dozens of sites that praise the water4gas system as a true money-saver and just as many that decry the water4gas principle as being a joke or worthless. Noteworthy is that several forums exist that have heated discussions amongst its users regarding the technology from people that claim the systems work to others that criticize it as a scam.

Whether or not the water4gas system is a lie or the truth, gas prices are decidedly unfavorable. A tried and true way for reducing the amount of money spent on gas has not happened yet and people are still waiting for this to happen. The car manufacturers Honda and BMW are just beginning to design and produce cars that are powered by hydrogen fuel. Just in time for summer 2008, Honda is planning to release its first hydrogen fuel cell car available for the public. The Clarity FCX will be available for leasing only in limited areas of Southern California.

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