Know the Cure for Gas Guzzler

There are no cures for gas guzzler. But, the root of the problem lies much deeper than just gas mileage. Modifying gas mileage is a multi-step course and involves many elements of performance. This may simply be common engine upkeep and oil changes, replacing the gasoline filter and oil filter, cleaning the air filter, cleaning the brake, checking any other components that may lead to increased friction and maintaining the recommended tire pressure. All of these factors affect gasoline usage in no small part. Of course, the most important factor is not a standard part of the vehicle – it’s the driver!

The user of the vehicle and their driving style determines how much gas the car uses or saves and how optimally the vehicle will perform in any situation. Sudden acceleration by stomping your foot on the throttle and sudden braking all lead to tremendous amounts of wasted energy. Energy – that’s the key to everything. This is also the principle behind Magnum Fuel Rx, the revolutionary new device, that functions and effectively reduces fuel consumption.

Magnum Fuel Rx – The Energy behind It All

The manufacturers of Magnum Fuel Rx realized that atomic particles comprise everything around us. Each kind of atom has its own specific frequency which has energy. Energy can’t be produced or destroyed; energy can only transform from one type to another.

During the course of driving; the potential energy in the gas is changed into heat energy inside the engine. The spark plug fires and ignites the gas mix causing an explosion which pushes the piston down turning the crank. Thus, the heat energy is changed into linear energy which in turn is transformed into rotational energy.

Depending on how efficient the engine’s state of tune is, some of the energy is wasted in the form of exhaust gases and unburned hydrocarbons. These can adversely affect the catalytic converter which leads to not just more pollution but also higher fuel consumption as the sensor in the exhaust system ceases to function optimally and delivers incorrect information to the engine ECM. More fuel is being drawn.

Magnum Fuel Rx considers all of these physical factors, and uses RF waves to change the atomic signature of the fuel in the tank, allowing it to perform similar to how a gas with higher octane level would. This results in cleaner combustion and more power together with lower emissions. Moreover, this ends up using less gas and can help save a lot of your money in the long run.

So, if you have a classic car with a big V8 under the hood that you can’t afford to run in current conditions, Magnum Fuel Rx is the perfect product for you! While many classic cars may not be equipped with a catalytic converter, a clean burning and efficient running engine will make sure that you get the most power out of it with minimum exhaust emissions while giving you smoother performance and a longer engine life.

Learn more about Magnum Fuel Rx. Stop by the site where you can find out all about the instructions guide for the module.

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