Mix a little work with play with the BMW X6.

BMW has created a new concept with the BMW X6 sports activity coupe. It is a cross breed between a SUV and a stylish coupe. With its stylish good looks, and distinct personality, the BMW X6 is the perfect way to mix your work life and your personal play time with versatility and ease of transformation.

Three are two breeds of the X6, the X Drive 35i and the X Drive50i. The 35i is perfectly quick with its 300 horsepower engine, giving you the speed and agility you would expect from BMW. The 50i steals the scene with supreme power and accelerating capabilities. Equipped with a turbocharged V8 and a 400 horsepower engine, this BMW will blow all others right off the map. If you are looking for speed and high torque, you have found the perfect match in both levels.

So you know the X6 is made for speed but what else can do for you? The BMW X6 is full of charm and substance. Designed with an upper class palette, the X6 is equipped to take you anywhere you want to go.

Luxury living- The X6 is all about living in the best lap of luxury. The Dynamic performance control option makes this car practically drive itself. It offers a flawless drive that is not only practical for any lifestyle but also a true pleasure to take out on the open road. The power moon roof casts a subtle glow over the leather upholstery that you can sink into and get comfortable in.

Travel- Keep your family safe with six airbags and BMW’s very own electronic stability control. There is plenty of room in the X6 for a family of four and all of your travel gear. No elbows will be touching in this X6, there is plenty of room to sprawl out and claim your very own personal space.

Off roading- Appearance wise, the X6 looks almost too perfect to take off the main drag, but rest assured this vehicle is equipped to handle even the toughest terrain. With its supreme sporty handling you will sail through the most extreme road conditions. Pack it all up as this vehicle comes with a power lift gate that automatically opens up to reveal a cargo area to easily store all of your hiking and off road gear.

This sports activity vehicle is so versatile that you will want to take it everywhere. From business to pleasure, the BMW X6 delivers the high standards you would expect from BMW-the vehicle of your dreams.

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