More Fun With ATV Lift Kits

Four wheeled recreational vehicles are perfect entertainment sources for all seasons. The rush of wind past one’s face and the excitement of virtually flying over all sorts of uneven terrain is sometimes even more exhilarating that amusement park roller coasters. Serious enthusiasts find that installing ATV lift kits on their cycles takes the wow factor up few extra notches.

These vehicles have amazing shock absorbing capabilities though sometimes a particularly impressive bump or dip may find the fender rubbing up against the tires on the return to the ground. While that does not stop the machine from continuing on with the fun, it may result in weak spots in the rubber or even a flat. Having to take time out to repair or replace such a mishap can put a real damper on flow of high spirits.

There are several advantages to be gained by installing one of these kits, beginning with the addition of about two inches of extra height and clearance space beneath the fenders. Giving the tires a bit of spare bouncing room can alleviate the worry of scraping on wild rides. It also makes deep turning go a little more smoothly.

People who use their vehicle for serious off road adventure often tend to prefer having larger tires mounted which raise the overall height. They also make for more stable landings when the cycle takes to the air for a brief flight. The extra inches provided by the lifts accommodate these over sized rings of rubber especially well.

ATV racers use the lifts and big tires together in order to give themselves a greater advantage while traversing the largely uneven tracks. Their bikes are more stable and balanced upon their rough landings and the drivers maintain greater control on steep, sharp or deep curves. Because of the reduced chance of rubber grating on metal, they are able to obtain higher speeds as well.

The higher ground clearance is especially helpful when the cycle is used for field work or for hunting. The undercarriage is better able to clear the brush and brambles, thus lessening the risk of tangles and stalls caused by straggling vines and debris. In situations where deep puddles of water are encountered, the lift puts the intakes in a more protected position to avoid flooding the system.

In most cases it only takes a couple of hours to fully install the entire kit and there is no need for special tools. The instructions enclosed are generally written in easy to read formats that make the process simple even for a novice mechanic. It is a simple matter to hook the bolts into position between the shocks and their mounts, and while the front A-arms are lowered, the suspension angle is not upset.

Riding freely on an all terrain vehicle is an experience unlike any other, and it only gets better with the installation of ATV lift kits. They give higher ground clearance, protect the tires from rubbing and can help stabilize a bumpy landing. In addition to all those benefits, they also make the bike look even cooler than usual.

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