Nanoskin- Modern Advancements In Auto Detailing

The world of auto detailing is in constant flux and shift thanks to the vast number of new technologies. As a consequence auto detailing professionals should maintain a true knowledge of the newest techniques in order to be an effective and knowledgeable craftsman.

There is no other area of auto detailing more affected by nanotechnology than surface prep and exfoliation. Here we will discuss the popular treatment generally known as Nanoskin and the previous technology.

Exfoliation isn’t only the scrubbing you do to your body. Like a living body, the surface skin of a vehicle contains pores that get plugged.

The car-body has tiny pots and scratches that become clogged and contaminated. The debris could rot or oxidize, this in turn causes the paint to oxidize and the body underneath to be compromised.

Your vehicle will grow to be vulnerable to a lot more than paint contamination. If the pores are left like this the car’s exterior will have a significantly lesser life.

The obvious way to inhibit the entropy is always to exfoliate the microscopic holes and remove the harmful elements. Auto detailing technicians see it as a standard approach to prep a car’s surface for waxing and service.

A process generally known as Clay Bar has been the typical process in the auto detailing industry. In essence, the technician goes over the whole vehicle utilizing a piece of clay subsequent to moistening the paint with a lubricant.

The newer means for exfoliation is not so time consuming and not so tiresome. The name is Nanoskin and it’s being widely used in auto detailing.

The Nanoskin pad must be connected to a car detailing buffing wheel and the paint buffed in a meticulous and thorough way. The Nanoskin pad incorporates a rubber polymer front which can scour the top-coat at the level of the pores and microscopic debris.

Pros acknowledge that it will be much faster to use Nanoskin. Clay Bar is a bit more complicated and has more potential to mar the paint in case it is not clean. In confined situations or when removing tar and oil Clay Bar is the better of the two.

A detailer can find things to like about each method which has led to hot debate over the potential future standard for surface-prep and exfoliation. The truth is both technologies have pros and cons so the question will probably remain for a time.

Nanotechnologies such as this polymer rubber pad are changing the industry of auto detailing. A detailer that has the ability and talent to work a car or truck on the microscopic level will have awesome potential.

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