Oil Change Timing

Your car is an amazing collection of working parts. From the simple Model T to the computer controlled modern car, there have always been two enemies of engines. They are heat and friction.

As any car owner well knows, lubricant is the best tool for fighting the ravages of friction and heat. This lubricant is, of course, better known as motor oil and it performs a vital function that keeps your car on the road.

Oil is an amazing substance. It can take an absolute thrashing in the harsh environment of an engine and yet still keep friction and heat at bay. After a bit, however, even oil will fail and thus must be changed out.

Everyone knows about changing out motor oil, right? What did you immediately think? It needs to be changed every three months? How about every 3,000 miles? If either of these came to mind, you are thinking of a marketing campaign, not the facts.

The three month marketing slogan is simply not correct. It may never have been. Cars perform differently, which means the stress placed on the engine and oil will differ. Oils have also improved dramatically and now last longer.

The simple truth is there is no one standard mileage or time period that should be used for oil changes. A big Ford truck simple runs differently than a Honda Civic. The oil in the truck will need to be changed well before the oil in the Honda.

So, how do you figure out the answer for your car or truck? Fortunately, there is a guide just for your vehicle. The manufacturer has designated it in your owner manual. This will, of course, be difficult to take for men who hate reading directions!

You can expect to find a recommendation regarding the miles and time period for the oil change in the manual. There should also be a recommendation on the weight of oil and specific oil brand that should be used.

Now pay attention. The miles and brand of oil are important, but the information on the weight of oil to be used is absolutely critical. You can get the miles and brand wrong, but do not get the weight wrong under any circumstances.

This also brings us to the issue surrounding the types of oil you can buy. Synthetic oils are all the rage and for a good reason – the work! Depending on the vehicle, they can last 15,000 miles or more between changes.

A personal favorite of mine is Mobile 1. I’ve used this for years after a racing mechanic recommended it to me. I have to say I have experienced no engine problems since then and I drive a Jaguar! Pretty miraculous, eh?

Do not be a chump. Avoid obeying the marketing slogans of various oil change businesses. Pull out that owners manual and get the truth on oil changes for your car. You will undoubtedly save some money on less frequent changes.

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