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There has been a long debate in the off roaders empire. The debate on what fuel source is the right one. Both the propane users and the gas users claim there choice is the safest and more efficient.

We will go over a few of the advantages and disadvantages of both fuel systems. Starting with the petro option. Petro has been used to fuel almost 80% of internal combustion engines in the last hundred years.

That fact alone makes a good argument for gas, right? Well let’s take a good look at it. Gas is available on almost every corner in every city in the USA. There is high octane, low octane, racing fuel. Gas is in a liquid form and that makes prone to run out of vents and fuel caps when the vehicle is on its side or upside down.

Propane burns cleaner the gas. Propane is readily available in the US although not quite as common. We have been burning it in forklifts for years with great results. The tanks that hold it are bulky and cumbersome. propane does not run out like liquid when a vehicle is on its side or upside down.

The choice is yours alone. The best way to make an informed decision is consult the experts and decide which fuel is for you. I know some rock crawlers in the formula toy category use propane. The performance seems to be close to that of gas.

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