Review: Your SUV Deserves the Best Tires

Bridgstone Tires have a world-wide reputation for quality and reliability. Bridgestone manufactures 4WD tyres of varied Widths, types OD, speeds, loads, rims and proportions.

They include:

– Dueler HP Sport which now has been expanded and comprises of the Dueler HP Sport 4WD tyres which has been basically engineered to offer grip and outstanding handling for quality performance of 4WD automobiles. It has a higher silica compound so offering good wet performances and a good design of head-turning sidewall. The size is 19″ and asymmetrical tread but unfortunately unavailable in all sizes
– Dueler H/L D683, a luxury tyre which comfy and quiet ride for 4WD vehicles. It provides a better handling dry and wet roads handling, long life, manoeuvrability and a higher speed equilibrium.
– Dueler H/L D400 is a luxury highway tyre that offers a comfortable and quiet ride for drivers who expect to receive the absolute best of their automobiles. It perfect for Toyota Kluge, Nissan, Pathfinder and Mazda CX-9.
– Dueler M/T D673 is specifically compounded for drivers of cross-country autos and offers responsive handling and comfy ride with on the road. It would appear like a tyre of maximum-traction.

But that’s not all. There are more in their range to consider:

– Desert Dueler 604V is another 4WD Bridgestone design. It has dual purpose i.e. Appropriate both for recreational autos and light van; on and off road. It comprises of block tread pattern which minimizes tread movement, more impressive performance in vicious conditions and less noise. It’s got a long life.
– Dueler A/T 697 succeeded the popular D694 and has undergone an inclusive testing in Australia and proved a superior wear duration and correct resistance to chipping and cutting. It’s therefore a particularly durable tyre in all terrains with less noise whether new or old.
– Dueler A/T D693 has DONUT technology and is a good all-rounder. It’s all terrain and provides a good performance off road.
– Dueler A/T D694 and D694LT which are largely the baseline in 4WD tyres have undoubted on-road comfort in addition to a perfect cross country capacity. It gives a quiet smooth ride due to DONUTS technology plus a good design of tread.

Firestone Destination A/T are perfect 4WD tyres for maneuvering wherever. It’s an all-terrain tyre for light truck. It also provides quiet and smooth ride keenly built to minimise uneven tread wear.

Its treads offer a great a strong grip minimising sliding and slipping in wet conditions.

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