Run Your Car On Water – Learn The Truth

With the economy in for a period of weakness that could extend well into next year, vanishing jobs, and shrinking paychecks gasoline is still the bloodline that keeps America moving. The Gas prices keep going down a little one month, up the next.

Weather you are trying to save money on gas, or simply help the environment by producing cleaner emissions, converting your car to run on water provides a low-cost, safe solution.

Well, is not really like you can stick your garden hose in your gas tank and go, you will still need to put gas in your car, but by the use of this technology you can save an average of 40% or more on gas money.

The conversion device uses energy from the battery of your car to convert the water in the device into a gas called HHO (two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen) also known as hydrogen or Brown gas. Your car will then run with both gasoline and HHO.

Water-fuel technology is proven, however, the technology to convert your vehicle is very hard to find, and can cost you a substantial amount of money to implement. It is also hard to know which information to actually trust.

You can create your own water hybrid for less than $150. There are many do-it-yourself conversion guides on the web, they have made the technology very easy and affordable. Only minimal mechanical experience is required and you can convert any vehicle, any normal Toyota, Audi, BMW or any other.

A good conversion guide should offer you a detailed blueprint with easy to install and remove instructions to make sure the conversion will not void your warranty.

Do not get tricked into buying and expensive conversion kit, they sell on the internet for $900 to $1500 although they worth their value, you can find a system just as practical for a ridiculous low price, like I said before you can find a good conversion guide for about $150 that works just as efficiently.

The parts needed for the conversion are easy to find at your local hardware and auto-parts stores, it should not be more than $60. A good conversion guide will offer you easy step-by-step instructions and illustrations, easy enough for even a novice to follow.

If you decide this is something you want to do be careful when choosing the correct manual. Always see reviews and positive feedback. Keep in mind these criteria; Low cost sources, instructions with photos and diagrams, maintenance, technical support and money back guarantee.

Overall, This technology is used successfully by thousands of satisfied people, I personally was surprised with the results. If you pick the right guide, you could well be up and running in just a couple of hours. The best part about it is that you will be helping to prevent global warming, creating a better environment, and increasing the performance of your car while saving a lot of money on gas to be used on other priorities and future needs.

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