Run your Car on Water: Scam or Big-Money Saver at the Gas Pump?

For many, these high gas prices have become almost unbearably out of hand. The price of gas has reached as much as 5.00 a gallon in some of the busier areas of the country, and all signs to point to it only getting worse if relief is not found.

The public has begun demanding that more research be conducted on alternative energy sources so that a new form of energy can be used to help reduce the price of gasoline. But despite the urgent need to reduce our dependence on foreign oil as well as reduce gas costs, it does not appear that there has been much movement in alternative energy research. Fortunately, there are a few methods that any individual can employ if they hope to improve their gas mileage that utilize a technology that hasn’t even been perfected yet.

We have all heard rumors of Hydrogen powered cars existing, but they are whispered as though they are science fiction. This is because at the moment they are both expensive to build and expensive to run, leaving car companies with no real desire to invest in the research.

What is interesting, however, is that there actually are already ways in which you can run your car on water. These methods have helped thousands of individuals across the country decrease their overall gas consumption and experience relief at the pump – finally allowing people to put some money back in their pocket.

It’s true – technology already exists that allows individual car owners to run their car on water. By using a simple, homemade engine extension (which works as a supplement to your engine), you can improve your gas mileage from anywhere between 50-300%.

It is impossible to know exactly why these systems have not been implemented in all new cars, especially since their major selling point – gas relief – is such a huge issue these days, but It makes little sense that we do not see changes in the foreseeable future. Cars with triple the gas mileage would have a tremendously positive impact on the environment and the economy.

You would think that a way to help with gas relief would be better known, but it appears to have been kept off of the news. It’s difficult to know exactly why this is the case – some people assume it is a government conspiracy, but it would be nonsensical to keep this information away from the public.

While it is possible that oil companies are keeping this research muzzled, or perhaps car companies are keeping this information a secret for their own personal use, it may just be a general disbelief that relief from gas prices can so easily be fixed using household objects. Whatever the reason, expect the news to hit the mainstream media soon. Relief from high gas prices cannot be hidden from the public forever.

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