Save Money on Gasoline by Using Water for Fuel

by Alan Chan

Admit it – the ever-increasing price of oil is sucking your bank account dry and makes it hopeless to even save a dime from fuel costs!

To make things worse, it’s not piece of cake either to commute and get to your destination on time. PLUS having that nicely customized vehicle makes one feel ‘in’.

In light of that, practical steps and alternative fuels have been introduced to help car drivers and owners save even a bit in fuel expenses. BUT here’s the problem – either one these substitutes are NOT for everyone or they’re not as successful as they state it.

And don’t even think about using gasoline. That’s a surefire way of getting you and your car caught because of harmful discharges and smoke belching.

There are different fuel options like Ethanol, Methanol, Propane, etc. that are way safer than conventional fuel and gasoline BUT none has been found to be an end-all-be-all solution against oil price hike and other serious problems posed by fuel.

Worry NOT! Using water for fuel, which is rising in popularity, has been seen to stand out from all the alternative fuels around and by far, it is a nearly perfect solution from constant increase in oil price and health and environmental problems from it.

Think about it – I myself can’t think of anything better than increasing my mileage, engine efficiency MINUS the pollutants by using water for fuel.

I would need a ream of papers just to list down what water-for-fuel can do BENEFICIALLY. But I don’t want to leave you guessing. These 7 beneficial facts about water-for-fuel should get you thinking in the right direction.

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1. Save more than $900/year as your gas mileage increases up to 35% whether you’re driving at the city, rocky roads, and anywhere else.

2. Get to your destination smoothly and soundly by using water as your car’s fuel.

3. See your engine’s performance and power greatly enhanced.

4. Since water is 100% natural and safe, you can forget about the harmful emissions and pollutants you were so bugged about.

5. You’re assured that your car won’t add heat to he surroundings as water is an excellent coolant, too!

6. Get rid of the carbon building up within your car’s engine and put a stop to it PERMANENTLY.

7. Sit back as you don’t have to worry about your engine’s pistons, valves, etc. as they will have better performance for a longer period of time.

We’re all familiar with water being used to safely produce electricity for a long time and it can do the same with your car’s engine.

And you don’t have to store gallons of water to make it work. With a very small amount of water along with electrolysis from your battery, your car will produce Brown’s gas or HHO which is 3 times more effective than oil and ordinary gas.

And did I mention the use of car for fuel is completely harmless and even produces much needed oxygen?

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