Save the environment and your pocketbook with the Audi A2

Looking for a premium sub compact car that will use less gas and help the environment too? Look no further than the Audi A2.

Although not a traditional hybrid per say, the A2 gets such good gas mileage in comparison to others in its class that it helps limit emissions into the environment, therefore leading the way to a green style of living that so many are looking to implement in this day and age.

When it comes to looks, the Audi A2 steels the stage with its adorable concept style design that so many people are looking for. Although small in stature, the A2 dies not lack in personality. This little Audi can whip in out of parking spaces while wearing a cheerful smile all the while. Maybe not every mans version of a chick magnet, but if you are looking for an eco green lover, she will be all over you and this vehicle.

The Audi A2 is classified as a supermini, meaning it is for the most part super small, especially in its class. There are many advantages to driving a supermini, the first one is obviously the gas mileage, on average the A2 gets around 45 miles to the gallon but on freeway driving it can max out in the low 60’s for gas used per gallon.

The Audi A2 goes doesn’t take the term supermini lightly, it’s still great on gas and that’s its main selling point, but the A2 isn’t miniscule. The A2 can comfortably seat four with little problem. This car comes standard with a hatchback, so storage space is minimal but the design and emissions limitations make this an eco friendly environmentalist’s dream car.

The Audi A2 strives to give consumers what they would expect from such a name in the automotive industry. With the environmental movement taking center stage in lifestyles across the country, living green is becoming a mainstay for most people. Choosing a vehicle that can limit the waste being dumped into the air as well as keeping more oil in the ground is a one of the pluses that Audi has created in the A2.

Save your pocket book with the price tag of the A2 as well with all of the gas you are going to be saving through the life of the vehicle. The Audi A2 is the perfect eco friendly car for the green blood running though your veins.

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