Scion FR-S convertible not coming to U.S.

Fan boys may also start their laments, since the Scion FR-S convertible is not going to be available in the U.S.. Toyota has announced that the roof-less model will be too costly to warrant selling it, as it would be too costly for the target industry.

Subaru and Toyota work on Scion FR-S

Once the Celica and MR2 Spyder started production, Toyota stopped producing other “cheap and cheerful” sports coupes. Now, the company is back in a joint task with Subaru to produce the brand new Scion FR-S. It is known as a Toyota 86 or Toyota GT-86. It might also be known as the Scion FR-S or Subaru BRZ. It is rear-wheel drive and gets 200 horsepower. That is great for a little sports coupe.

There was no way that not a soul was going to not suggest it should also come as a convertible and by May, according to AutoBlog, it had been established that an FR-S convertible was indeed on the way.

Not to the U.S. though

Right now, the FR-S is under development with the same powertrain as the regular model, according to Car and Driver. Though Scion has no promises to offer a turbocharged engine option in the car, Subaru might decide to. The car will hit dealerships in late 2013 or early 2014. It is sure to be a hit.

Sometimes, corporations will not sell their cars in the States because they cannot adapt the car for safety regulations. That is not the reason why the car is not being sold in the United States though, according to AutoGuide. In fact, Toyota does not believe there is enough of a target audience in America to sell the car for the price it would have to be sold to be a convertible. Subaru has not publicized its plans yet, so the car could still make it to the States soon.

Miata still highly accessible

However, is it a bad thing? As it turns out, there is a highly accessible light-weight, moderately-powered, rear-wheel drive convertible from a Japanese car maker, namely the Mazda MX-5 Miata. It takes place to be the best-selling convertible of all time for good reason. As far as price goes, the base model is really slightly less expensive than the FR-S, as the base model starts at $23,470 before a $795 delivery fee.

There are a ton of options available for tuning the car if you are not pleased with the Miata’s 167 horsepower by getting a turbo- and supercharging engine. There are a ton of Miata vehicles in the MazdaSPEED company, which is Mazda’s in-house tuning business.

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