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Called the Windy City, Chicago is the United States’ third most populous city. With over 3 million people, Chicago is a center of economic growth and industry. Chicago is located along the Great Lakes. It was founded in 1833 by settlers who liked it’s location near the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River. The first settler arrived in Chicago in the 1770’s. He married a Native American woman of the Potawatomi tribe and started a trading post. This was the first commercial activity in the city that is now the economic hub of the Midwest.

The land in and around Chicago was bought from the Potawatomi tribe in the Treaty of St. Louis. In 1833, the city was unofficially organized by 350 people. In 1837, the city was officially incorporated thanks to the emergence of the railroad and the completion of the Illinois and Michigan canal. This made this time period in Chicago a strong time of growth. People flocked in from all over. The canal allowed transport from the Great Lakes to the Mississippi River. The railroad also brought many people in from the east. It was a great train station in between the east and the west. Therefore many people used it as a starting or stopping point on their journey.

Chicago proved to be one of the fastest growing cities in the world. In only 40 years, it went from a population of 30,000 to over 1 million. This was obviously a great deal of people moving into a city at one time. In 1871, the city of Chicago also experienced a great fire that burned a third of the city. The damage was tremendous. Many people were out of house and home, or a place to work. Chicago soon rebuilt and came back more powerful than ever.

Prohibition in the 1920s ushered in a new era for Chicago. There were several gangsters that ruled the town including the notorious Al Capone. These gangsters controlled much of what went on during the prohibition era in American history. The government wanted to outlaw alcohol and Capone wanted to sell it. This meant that there were many conflicts and battles on the streets of Chicago in that time.

Since that time, Chicago has continued to grow into an economic power. Every year, more than 44 million people visit The Windy City and its attractions. If you live near the Chicago area, you will undoubtedly need some form of transportation to get around the beautiful city. Chicago has a vast array of used cars for purchase. In the market of used cars Chicago has a large supply for everyone. If you need to purchase a car, be sure and check with your local Chicago used car dealers.

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