Stunt Driving – What Stunt Driving Experts Do

Stunt driving is a challenging pursuit, combining a number of specialist driving skills and challenges that the driver must handle. More than just having the ability to drive with precision and skill, the stunt driver needs to be creative and capable of producing the stunt that the stunt manager or director have requested.

Stunt driving also involves precise timing. You must be able to make it all happen at the right time and at the right place. And finally you must have the ability to adapt and bring energy into each new and challenging situation.

A good example of the reality of stunt driving is in the tale of my friend’s experiences during the filming of a particularly grueling car advertisement. The director specifically wanted the commercial to show a car speeding through a storm. So while my friend was expecting to test their stunt driving skills, they hadn’t expected a jet engine mounted on a truck blowing gushing water over the vehicle to recreate the heavy rain!

Talk about driving at the limit and under pressure! The heavy rainfall shot required the stunt driver to cruise at speed just a foot from the lorry. If the spraying water, jet engines and close proximity weren’t enough – this all had to be done in a convertible, with the roof down and without the use of windscreen wipers!

Though I have dozens of stunt driving stories, this one illustrates some of the crazy things stunt drivers are expected to handle. In one of the scenes of My Boss’s Daughter, I was driving a BMW when an owl flew in through the passenger side window, knocked the passenger’s head into my lap, and then hovered right in front of my eyes, flapping its wings.

As a result of the owl ‘attack’ the car veered off the road, over medians, into oncoming traffic and ended up smashing through the side of a house. There just isn’t any way to practice for something like that!

Stunt driving will take everything you have ever learned about driving and put it to the test in ways you could never imagine.

The best preparation for a career in stunt driving is to have as wide and diverse a driving background as you can and be prepared for anything!

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