Submitting A Car Insurance Claim For The Uninitiated

by Susan Tanner

First of all let me congratulate you on never having to submit and insurance claim before. You are not missing out on a whole lot. Your day will come though when out of nowhere disaster strikes and you find yourself filing your first claim. The information listed below should be able to help you through that grueling process.

As a pre-step to the first step, let me just say that the best thing you can do for yourself is to get a cheap car insurance quote. Remember the cheaper your quote the less you will have to pay monthly.

Policy in hand you start on your adventure to your next destination. Your Insurance is in your glove compartment and you are feeling pretty good about all of the money you are saving. Thinking about how much money you are saving and why, you choose to drive carefully.

You are sitting at a stop light thinking about how you need to stop by the drug store on the way home but your too tired, another car slams into the back of you. You are disoriented but ok. First things first, you call the police. With the way the other person is mugging you can tell this is not the first thing they wanted to do. A word of advice though, insurance companies are much easier to deal with when the accident is not your fault and you have a police report saying so.

Now, say the accident was your fault, your kid just so happened to throw a shoe that ended up falling underneath the brakes. Hey, it happens. You probably wonat even have to worry about calling the police yourself because the other person has probably done it already. So sit back and wait for the drama to begin.

Once the police are on the scene, follow their lead. If one or both of the cars need to be towed or moved out of the roadway, the cops will help you figure things out. Provide the police officers with whatever information they require, which is likely to include a look at your driveras license and proof of insurance.

Once everythingas been cleared up from the scene of the accident, and youare made it home or to another safe place with a telephone, pull out your copy of that cheap car insurance policy and call the number it lists to report a claim. Grab a drink and sit back and enjoy the call-waiting music.

Eventually, a customer service representative will come on the line. Fill this person in on every detail of the accident, however mundane. They will probably ask you to mail them a copy of the police report. The representative will guide you through the whole claimas process, and can explain how the coverage you selected when you set up the policy will work. They can help you set up an appointment with an adjuster to assess the damage and with a body shop for repairs. Soon enough, you will have made it though your first claim and will be back on the road.

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