Texas Speed Laws and Defensive Driving

Texas Speed Law Increased

In September of 2012, Texas earned the dubious note of being the “fastest” in the country when they modified the speed limit to 85 mph. Dubious maybe, but Texans are still happy with it. This was a limited change, impacting only the stretch of road known as State Highway 130, near Austin. The biggest problem with this change is that the road remains under construction. Drivers must pay even more attention as more drivers pick up speed on a stretch of road that already has some challenges. Defensive driving in Texasbecomes more critical than ever.

This 41 mile stretch of road will be a challenge for people that practice defensive driving, especially since this is a toll road. When it openened in Nov, the roadway will have no rival anywhere in the U. S.. While there have been many tests that claim that driving at this speed is safe, drivers will have to pay attention to what others are doing on the road as much as they concentrate on what they are doing.

Oftentimes, drivers forget that part of defensive driving is staying with traffic. Sadly, if you are driving 70 in an 80 mile an hour section, you could cause an accident. This is basically because of the fact that drivers are intent on keeping right up with the existing traffic flow and are not reluctant to cut off anyone that is in their way.

When you are on Texas highways, make certain you pay careful attention to speed limit changes, traffic patterns and other risks. Keep in mind that defensive driving is defined as safe driving by expecting the actions of other drivers. This suggests you need to be mindful of other drivers, road conditions and even weather conditions that might have an impact on how others cope with traffic on the roads.

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