The Detailed History Of Limousine Service

Cars are very important to people in their everyday lives. However, special vehicles have also been created to satisfy their needs for luxurious ones by renting from a limousine service alpharetta. Finding the right one for you will be easier if you know a little background about them.

Chauffeured vehicles have long been existent according to some historical accounts. The first ones that were recorded existed in the 1700s, which was a period where steam engines were not even invented. There were carriages that were pulled by horses with golden designs were invented taking into consideration the wealthy people who can use them. Furthermore, limousine is a word that was taken from the name of the province in France called Limoges.

The development of the first limos began in 1902. The ones in the past were looked different from limos at present. Before, the drivers are seated outside below a chamber that is being covered. People who live in Limoges wore hooded cloaks that is similar to the covers of the first limousines and that is how the reference came from.

In 1902 at Forth Smith, Arkansas, another model called stretch limousines were first developed. They were manufactured by the Armbruster company. They were useful in carrying band members as well as their musical paraphernalia while they travel to a lot of states in America. Due to the way they were used, they were given another name, which was big band buses.

Limousines started becoming really well known in the 1930s. They were used to transport guests of hotels from airports and back to the hotel again for sightseeing excursions. As a result, the Airporter Stretch Coach was created.

People from the entertainment industry specifically those from Hollywood soon followed the trend and took advantage of limousines to move stage employees, stage sets and film crews. Actresses and actors also started using them to add a hint of luxury to their images. Moreover, the vehicle also became a personal accessory of the members of the elite.

The merging of Armbruster and a company named Stageway Coaches based in Ohio in 1962 paved way to the Armbruster Stageway Coachbuilders. Many years later, limousines that have six doors commonly used in funerals were soon built by the company. The company stated that their goal was to transport people from one place to another in larger cars.

People from all walks of life continued to adore limos throughout the years. Even politicians and presidents started depending in them as they traveled across the country. With its growing demand, numerous companies and manufacturers created a lot of models that people can choose from. Even until now, people still rent them as they celebrate special events.

The government has imposed strict rules that should be observed by any limousine service alpharetta providers. If you are planning to rent one, ensure your safety by knowing if the company and its drivers are legally certified. Moreover, you must deal with companies that are reputable and reliable and have been serving for many years in the business.

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