The Latest On 2008 Hybrid Cars

The 2008 auto year is officially under way, and new models of 2008 hybrid cars are now or will soon be available to consumers. For those unfamiliar with hybrid cars, let’s briefly explain why they differ from regular vehicles and why environmentally conscious consumers prefer hybrid vehicles.

For those unfamiliar with how hybrid vehicles work and what they do, here’s a short primer. Hybrid vehicles typically use both an energy storage system and a traditional gasoline engine, thereby eliminating sole reliance on gas for power. This in turn expends less gas and less harmful emissions.

Specifically, an energy storage system in a hybrid vehicle will in effect recognize when fuel is being wasted and will recycle energy to power the car or truck. Wasteful car and truck actions such as idling, traffic stops, etc. are recognized by the energy storage system and the gasoline burning engine is stopped. City drivers in particular notice a greater fuel economy with hybrid vehicles due to the constant stop and go flow of heavy city traffic.

The Partial List Of New 2008 Hybrid Cars:

New Hybrid Sedans:

Chevy Malibu rolls out a new hybrid model as a 2009 offering late this summer or early fall. Others with similar plans include the Ford Fusion and Saturn’s AURA in their Green Line. Also expect a new version of the Mercury Milan as a hybrid.

New SUV’s Hit The 2008 Hybrid Market:

Expect Saturn to roll out the VUE as the newest member of their Green Line, offering half the emissions of their regular model. Also with new models will be the Chevy Equinox, Toyota Prius, and Toyota Sienna.

Hybrid Pickups and Hybrid Trucks:

General Motors introduces two new hybrid pickup truck options as 2009 models – the Chevy Silverado and the GMC Sierra.

Other 2008 Hybrid Car Happenings:

The Chinese auto manufacturer SAIE rolls out their very first 2008 hybrid car offering this year, introducing the Roewe 750, a midsize car. The Roewe 750 is patterned after the United Kingdom’s famous Rover 75.

We’ll be seeing auto manufacturers continue to roll out new hybrid car and truck models as consumer demand increases. Expect to see significant new hybrid car developments as we head toward 2009 and 2010.

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