The Private Jet Over The Years

The private jet is generally defined as an aircraft that is designed to carry less than twenty individuals. Private jets have been around for well over seventy years now. Before 1939, nobody had seen a jet propelled aircraft. But by 1930, Dr. H. V. Ohain together with Sir Francis Whittle were already scratching their heads looking for a way to develop a jet propelled craft.

Ohain was the first of the two to get his jet off the ground in 1939. Sir Charles Whittle followed in close pursuit 2 years afterwards. This lead to a war in the air industry between the propeller driven planes and the jet propelled ones. The jets won for long distance trips while the propeller driven ones settled for the shorter distances, mostly in between cities.

The end of World War 2 saw personal enterprises start ferrying people over greater distances and at much faster speed. This sparked an interestingly enormous growth of jet industries. The start of the 1960s saw the development of this personal jet ownership concept. But with the mind boggling prices that came with the jets, is was a pure reserve for the rich. Even though they were very expensive, it saw a great increase in its ownership numbers.

The jets at first were averagely standard. But as the ultra-rich got used to the finer things here down here, they were more than keen to experiment with the air. This saw the jet companies comply with their wishes and soon most of their jets were well equipped with good leather seats, beautiful furniture made from mahogany, bars with an assortment of expensive drinks and any other amenity one can think of than can be found in a 5 star hotel.

In 1963, the first well customized jet hit the market and was synonymous with privately owned planes. This was called the Learjet. The period between 1960 and 1990 saw a great demand of these expensive and yet very comfortable jets for business purposes.

Nowadays, facilities used for these business purposes are now a predominant feature in these jets. Two of the major amenities include satellite phones and flat-screen monitors. This jumbo jet industry has presently sky rocketed especially after the introduction of fractionalized ownership. This has enabled more people to own jets at cheaper prices.

The first personal planes were purchased at a whooping 1 million American dollars. Even though it might seem little money today, way back in the 1920s and 1930s, this was a real fortune. Nowadays, various private jets are available in the market at very exorbitant prices. Supersonic jets that are to be released in 2014 are to go for about three hundred million dollars a piece. This is due to back orders since their assembly is usually a slow process. These new jets will take just over four hours from New York all the way to Paris, a trip that currently available individual jets take 6 hours.

A private jet in many countries is more often than not classified according to the intent that the flight has. It rarely has anything to do with the captain of the plane. That is why when a pilot that is operating on a commercial licence is aboard a personal plane, it ceases to be a commercial flight and automatically becomes a personal one. The converse of this is true.

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